Meet our team that will help you turn your dreams into finished living spaces for you to enjoy!

Kent is the owner of Frontier Builders, LLC. He has been in the construction trade for over 25 years, and has been the owner of Frontier Builders for more than 15. In his free time, Kent enjoys being with his family or working in the garage. Kent has gone on construction trips to Alaska, Haiti, and Papua New Guinea.



Kathy is the hub for everything going on in our organization. She’s known for being friendly, solution oriented and always seems to bring a smile to any room. Kathy has visited 31 states (lived in 5), and one country. Kathy enjoys spending time with her family, helping friends, and visiting the Louisville Riverfront.




Lance is our project manager for Frontier Builders. He has visited 44 states (lived in two) and has visited 2 countries. Lance enjoys doing almost anything outdoors; kayaking, camping, and ice hockey. Lance’s favorite dessert is cookies and he enjoys going to Bistro 42 for a good dinner. Spending time with family and friends is always a favorite as well; he enjoys doing both on a boat or the beach.



Garrett, has been to 4 different countries and 17 states, but currently calls Kentucky home. He doubles as a field technician and a media technician for Frontier Builders. Striving for quality and excellence in our projects, he is seeking to learn as much as he can about the building trade.




Austyn, when not out on the job as a technician, enjoys keeping his hands dirty working in the garage. He likes just about anything that goes fast or makes a lot of noise; he fills up his time with operating and working on trucks, construction equipment, and everything in between. He has visited 3 countries and 26 states.